Ben Eighe

The Day before we climbed Snowdon on the Watkins trail in blistering heat and my body was feeling a bit worse for wear. We had a windy wet night right on top of Snowdon and woke to more torrential rain. After descending, Sam and I then had a long drive to Scotland and I doubted myself at the start of the hike towards the scree at Ben Eighe, but as we turned the corner to look out upon the most beautiful view I had ever seen before in my life, my fatigue disappeared. The beauty of the place had installed a new energy in me and I started to climb. Looking down off the high scree , I hit an emotional point where I looked upon the untouched landscape and a Lord Huron song came on the speaker (the same as the point on A woods, when they look over the Smokey Mountain). We continued to summit and we both shared a mountain until I saw my good friend Sam looking out over the landscape, silhouetted by the beautiful sunset. I couldn't help but sneak in a shot capturing the slumped posture of man at peace.